4K Sony Projectors

4K SXRD Home Theater Projector

• Lens Optimized for 4K Images
To achieve optimized 4K images, Sony has developed the 4K All-Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) lens specifically for the VPL‑VW1000ES projector. By incorporating this super high-resolution lens, high precision and detail are seen in all corners of the image. Both Full HD SXRD projector lens technology from Sony and 4K digital cinema technology from Sony are included in the 4K ARC-F lens. In addition, this lens offers very high-resolution power, and the high-resolution image on the 4K panel can be projected correctly.

• Structure
An 18-piece lens structure is used, similar to that of a 4K digital cinema projector.

• Floating focus system
By moving the floating lens group and focusing lens group simultaneously, the floating focus system corrects any curved field occurring at the time of focal adjustment of images. Thanks to this system, high precision and high picture quality are realized in every corner of the image.

• Extra low dispersion glass
By adopting extra low dispersion glass – which provides an optimized refractive index for green, red, and blue light – clearand crisp images can be achieved.

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